German of the Year

This marks the first year the German Society of Arizona is sponsoring a contest to find the Arizona German of the Year.

For over 400 years, Germans have been helping to build America. Since the arrival of the first Germans in Jamestown in 1608, German-Americans have distinguished themselves through their cultural, economic, scientific and political contributions to life in the United States.
The Arizona German of the Year program is the only statewide program that spotlights the contributions of Arizona Germans.
The German Society of Arizona’s primary mission is to preserve the rich cultural heritage of German-American immigrants and the many contributions they have made to the fabric of the United States.

The Arizona German of the Year Award will be presented annually by the German Society of Arizona to recognize the German whose contributions to the community, dedicated service and excellence in leadership is an outstanding example to others.
Successful candidates are leaders with achievements in business, the arts, education, science, politics, or society.
The German of the Year has multiple opportunities during the year to make public appearances throughout the state, speaking to professionals, civic, educational, arts and sciences groups.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available.


Nominations may be submitted starting immediately. All documents must be submitted to the German Society of Arizona by submitting nomination form.


Nominations are due November 1, 2011. Finalists will be chosen in November. The award will be presented at a ceremony in December 2011.

Who can nominate?

Anyone can nominate by submitting an nomination. Self-nominations will be accepted.

Who can be nominated?

Eligibility is restricted to persons of German heritage who are full-time Arizona residents during the year of nomination. Former Arizona Germans of the Year are ineligible for nomination for the award.

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